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Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Titanium 45mm 418.OX.1108.RX.MXM19

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Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Titanium 45mm 418.OX.1108.RX.MXM19

Message par aignoe10 » 21 Mars 2020, 07:27

HUBLOT BIG BANG referee Russia FIFA World Cup 2018. Official timer. Today is the day of the Russian FIFA World Cup 2018 Opener.Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT replica. Hopefully by now, you have been full of guesses on quiniela, guess who will take the cup home. Football is not only recognized as the king and most popular sport of all sports in the world, but also one of the most limited edition sports in Hublot. As the official timekeeper of the World Cup, Hublot has a limited edition of 2018 and released the new Big Bang referee FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.

This smart watch is specially designed to track football matches digitally, with a 49mm titanium case, a 35.3mm diameter screen, a resolution of 400x400 pixels (as a dial), and uses Google ’s Intel Wear OS technology and developed Technology by LVMH.

Hublot Big Bang referee Russia FIFA World Cup 2018 can not only be used as a stopwatch to record the two 45-minute time periods of a football match, but also to help referees record teams and players to get a yellow or red card in addition to the game.replica swiss watches

Although the Hublot Big Bang referee equipped the Russian FIFA World Cup 2018 with a black leather-structured rubber-lined strap and a black compound expanded clasp, the watch also comes with an additional Hublot logo and FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 logo Black sponge wristband. The second strap is likely to be the way the World Cup referee wears the watch, because Hublot is the official timekeeper.

In addition, Hublot provides 32 belts designed according to the flags of 32 countries participating in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

On your wrist, you'd better be a football referee or a true hardcore fan, otherwise you might look like you just left the stadium after approving one of the football games. It's a cool piece for those who want to make the most of the World Cup.replica luxury watches

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